Preliminary Design.

Preliminary design to develop a layout that suit to our clients needs as part of feasibility study to maximize the potential use of overwater facilities and boat storage areas. 

Planning & Approvals.

DSA manages the process of planning and approvals. DSA can walk marina owners through the re-development of their marina right through to the commissioning of new structures.

Structural Design.

DSA offers smart, simple and cost effective structural design solutions. Our engineers are specialized and experienced on marina structures and storages. 

Fabrication & Supply.

Fabrication and supply of building materials for overwater facilities such as Aluminium Composite Materials, Polycarbonate, Structural Steel Fabrication and Aluminiun Fabrication.


Specialized traders to install and construct overwater facilities.

marine environment experts

Projects delivered.


Frequently asked Questions

Yes of course, we look after all the approval process with the government agencies from start to end.

Yes, our team is specialized on marina environments to provide the maximum return of your investment

Yes, we have projects all around Australia. 

DSA has more than 25 years of experience on marine facilities and storage solutions.